Saturday, August 18, 2001

Fuck Internet Pre-Sales

I hate internet pre-sales. The Björk pre-sale sucked so much, I can't believe it. It started at 10am and was busy as hell. I tried, and tried, and tried, and tried but I couldn't get through until about 10:09. When I applied for orchestra tickets ($100 a pop) it said that there were no more available. I just said to myself, OK, I'll take whatever is the best selection left. So I tried again, and it turned out everything was sold out. I was so mad. I want a fucking orchestra seat! So I went on eBay about 5 minutes ago and saw one orchestra ticket that was dead center and second row starting for a whopping $500. One fucking ticket for $500! Jesus! I hate unconsiderate bastards that just want to make a buck instead of helping out real fans. Why can't more people be like Olin from Belguim or Heike from Germany? I love them :) I will try to get tickets for the Björk concert tomorrow, but I doubt there will be any decent tickets left. Damn it all to hell.

Anyway, good news is I received Rings Around the World by the Super Furry Animals in the post yesterday. What a spectacular album. It's royally fucked up that the album doesn't have any plans for an Amerikkkan release date. Oh well, more precious secrets for me, I guess.

Friday, August 17, 2001


Tee hee hee... my layout has fruit on it. I like fruit. I like food in general. I like people who like food. One of my friends doesn't like food, but I still like her. And I like you, too.

I would kill for some apple juice. Well, maybe "kill" is a bit harsh of a word, more like I'd really, really, really enjoy it if I could enjoy some apple juice. I love apple juice, it's so good. I also love iced tea, especially peach or raspberry...mmm. I'm putting myself through torture right now.

b l u r
I'm Blue

I'm new to this whole blogging idea, but I like it. My name is Spectro Electro, but I like to just go by electrogirl or 'Lectro. I attend Moreau Catholic, the most interestingly boring skool I have ever attended. I have decided to give it my all this year, though... I want to do good, I can do good if I try. I'm sorry, do well. I'm going to try to be an active member of the Moreau community... maybe join some worthwhile clubs, or something. I'm also going to try to stop being so negative, be a little more optimistic, a little more happy. I'm not an unhappy person, but I tend to focus on the things gone wrong or the things that could potentially go that way. Not this year, though. It's a whole new me. Well, maybe not. We'll see how the wind blows...