Wednesday, August 22, 2001

I Think You're Crazy... Maybe

Histrionic:Very High

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Hmm... I really never thought of myself as that self-absored and arrogant. Sorry to all of the people that have to deal with me everyday :-P But at least I bring you that picture above... what a hottie Oh, no! There I go again with the "holier than thou, give me praise" crap. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry...
Looking So Bien

I wanna know what love is... I want you to really shooow meee! OK, sorry for quoting Foreigner, but it just felt right. My stomach is in knots over my crushes. Yes, there are more than one. They all go to my skool, too... so... returning to Moreau will be grand. I haven't seen any of them over the whole summer cos I'm an idiot. Well, I'm not friends with two of them... and the other one is just so bizarre, I would feel like such an idiot calling him and asking him to go somewhere. He's goofy and I'm a sucker for the weirdos. And finally, the last one I fear would act so boastful on the phone I'd just have to throw up. We have stuff in common... so I think that's why I like him. Hopefully the characteristicts that we share are not conceitedness or dickheadocity. The one I'm most head-over-heels for, though, I know naught. This person could be a bitch for all I know. She's not really gorgeous or captain of the cheerleading squad, but for some reason I like her. She has that little special flare. I'll be over it when we return though, because I'm sure she'll be a bitch to me. Or maybe she'll sweet as fucking pie.

God help me now.

Sunday, August 19, 2001

I Hate Björk

OK, well I don't hate Björk, but I hate all of her 20-something year old fans. I got stuck with a fucking rear balcony seat (this is the worst you can do, honestly) for $45. I'm so disappointed, you just wouldn't believe it. I guess I'll have to try to win radio promos and stuff... and just incase I don't win anything, I will be still able to see the show --err, hear the show (as seeing the show would entail me having to be within 1,000,000,000 feet of her). Sigh. At least the Sneaker Pimps might be coming... and I have the Anniversary playing two shows at the Bottom of the Hill with Seafood! Woo hoo! And... guess who're coming in October? bis! Yayayayayay! The only thing I'm worried about is that since they're coming mid/late October, that the concert might be on the same day as Björk or Sigur Rós. It's very unlikely because Bis are coming to the west coast more towards the later part of October, but I'd be very upset it any of these concerts happened on the same date. Sho' nuff.
Tear It Up, Girls

Ooh, Sleater-Kinney. They're what you would call riot girls. Excuse me, riot grrls. They're not really rioty in my opinion, but they're darned good. This is the most attractive pic of them... I'm trying to make them look good (kinda hard with this band). Corin (girl in the Paris top) is sorta cute but the rest... eh. There is a wonderful pic of one of the old line ups of S-K whre Corin is wearing a leopard coat, but because I'm so nice I won't post it. Anyway, you should check them out if you don't know who they are. Pretty punky, but not obnoxiously punk. Yay.