Thursday, August 30, 2001

I wish I could go to sleep but the forces are against me. For one, skool's orientation is tomorrow (or... today). My stomach feels so nauseuos it's unfathomable. For two-sies, I woke up at 1pm yesterday so it's very hard for me to fall asleep anyway. Ugh, I suck.

So many questions zoom through my brain. Will I see her? Will I see him (or him or him)? Will my yearbook photo look like utter and complete shite? Damn it...

It's 2:40am. I must fall asleep soon. I must fall asleep soon. I must fall asleep soon. I must...

Tuesday, August 28, 2001


Only I can get royally fucked as such. My ace partner in crime found out one of my crushes has a girlfriend. Oh, no. But who the girlfriend is...well, it's blasphemous. This girl would have been the last person I would have thought EVER to not only get him, but to get a guy in general. Damnation! Well, kisses to my little underwater dolphin man anyway...

Monday, August 27, 2001

Love Sucks

Arg! I just found out that my majoriestest crush doesn't have any lunches with me! OH MY GOD, FUCKING KICK ME IN THE HEAD NOW. Well, don't really, but you honestly can't understand my disappointment. She will definitely have no electives with me cos of the grade difference (and she's probably taking all college credit courses, anyway) so this sucks beyond belief. I'm thinking about switching one of my lunches to period 5 just cos of this. It will also be 10000x better cos I will have a lunch with my friends. FUCK, I AM SO SAD. Knowing me, I probably won't switch my schedule. I like my teachers (well, from what I know of them, at least) so I don't want to switch for fear of getting some sod as a teacher. Geez, I hate teenage crushes... especially huge, blown-out of porportion ones like this.

And yes, I am aware that some of the pictures on this page don't work. It's cos I'm really lazy and too stupid to know about how to link pictures even when they're guarded, or whatever.

hey you, it's ok to look at what i saw
you stood so close, i don't know who you are
i'm sure you smiled, i think i saw you look
will you be there for me to see this week ?

*le sigh*

Skool is only in about 3-ish days... so that means I'll see her soon enough. But I'll never get to talk to her, I'll never get a chance to. I mean... no classes or lunches? I never have any luck. The only thing I can do is work my charm in the halls. Ha, yes, that will definitely win her over .

And always remember, UPS is the devil.