Friday, September 07, 2001

Yeah, the Welcome Dance is tonight. I'm all for skool discos! But I don't know if any of the people I like are going. How unfortunate :( I have a 75% hunch that she is going, though. Yay :-D It's really weird how I used the colour pink to talk about her even before skool started... cos... well... nevermind. I really, really, really hope one of my boys are there... and... if I can fetch up the guts today I will ask him if he is going, not if he will go with me. Yep. One of the boys is just sooo dorky to me, I can't believe it. Too bad we have no classes together.

One person at skool makes me want to bash my head in with a 2x4. She's obsessed with becomming my friend. Damned annoying.

Tuesday, September 04, 2001

What's today? The fourth, officially? Ah, crap. Well, of course I have insomnia again. It just never goes away. Damn it all to hell.

Mixed feelings are terrible. Being confused is just no fun. I want to just give up on her. I mean, obviously nothing will come of us. No love, no friendship, no nothing. Wouldn't it be so much easier to just forget about her, no fuss, no muss? But I can't. She's gripping my heart string so tightly and she doesn't even know it. Why can't my feelings for her be mild? Horror.

I can't face the grazes. I cannot contain this.... Mad luv to all da boyz dat I will be seein' tomorrow at skool. I like u, I really do. But she'z mad kool, 2.