Saturday, October 06, 2001

unstable but ingenious
how we built this wall between us
unmiraculous but swift
how it came to an end
but ememies are the kind of friends you get
when i'll break before i'll bend
to all those angels now soaked in red
to all those voices long silent

send it over
just pass it back
so kill it fast
get past the past
past the point of no return
i may change
but you will never learn

i'm sorry all that fear went to our heads
eclipsed your soul and left me foreign
i know it's been a while
but what's the harm in asking
even if i find no joy in knowing
how you've been?
is this what you call happiness?

goddammit, don't you ever listen?
no, we're never even
and i can find no simple reason for this
but it's not all your fault
no, not at all
you hurt who you know
i guess you learned it by example

sent it over
pass it back
send it over
pass it back

juno. non-equivalents. => <3
Moreau's football team is terrible. We lost by more than 30 points, I believe. The crowd cheered louder during the halftime band/color guard show... which I admit, was the best part of the game. Those color guarders are mad crazy! Haha. They were going hypermega fast in the beginning, twisting and twirling and even doing military rolls. lolololol. I'm *so* going to join that next year. Well, if I can face the torment of waking up before 6:30am. I know I'd drop all of the little things they throw in the air, too... but... that's OK. At least half of them dropped the stuff. lol.

Everyone go buy anything they can find by Juno. Especially find the song "Non-Equivalents", it's amazing. Well, everything Juno is amazing. Arlie is sooooo cute... especially on stage. He gets so into the music.. but not so much as to be unattached to the crowd. Yum.

A lot (or... more than usual) of my friends/semi-friends are going to the Bis concert. That's going to be weird. And none of them are boys... even weirder. I would want one zpecial boy to go... but rumour has it that his mum and dad don't let him go out on weekdays. What's the deal? Oh, well. Possibly maybe we'll go to Homecoming together... that would be sublime.

Thursday, October 04, 2001

Woo, look at all these consecutive postings! OK, well, there aren't many... but I'm trying to write a lil sumptin' sumptin' everyday... or... when I'm bored enough to.

Some people at school give me the bitchiest of looks. I don't know them at all, but they'll "dog" me multiple days in a row (or, if lucky, multiple times a day). Geez... it's not too keen, you know? I like people and just want to get along with 'em all... or... most. Yeah.

Rose McGowan on that witch show? What in da hizzy? Man, that girl is loopy. Almost as bad as Angelina Jolie or Drew Barrymore. Eh... not quite.

Look, Boss! ... dee plane... dee plane!

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

he likes the rain
he likes the dull pain
especially when it hits him in the head
like you used to...

was his smile
all the while
he did smile
for you...

by his own choice
he made his voice
smaller than the smallest man
and you, too...

seldom was he heard
seldom did he have the nerve

and he liked everyone
or so he'd say to you...

I'm completely in love with this song. It's the prettiest thing I've heard in a while. Yuuki is the cutest little boy (well, maybe he's not that little) that I've witnessed in a while. With his little foot thing... aww... <3


Monday, October 01, 2001

You and Brian Molko are a match made in heaven! The pair of you make a very glamourous and interesting couple! You're partial to a guy who dons a dress every now and then and isn't afraid to express his feminine side and blur the gender boundaries. You're both very artistic and usually end up writing lyrics which are quite dark and moody.

Yayayayayayayay! My rockstar boyfriend is Brian Molko. Who else could it have been? :-)

Oh, I went to the record store again and bought 15 more cds. Super! Lots of Lamb, some moody Portishead, even more Stereolab, and a cd by a Christian shoegazer-esque band Starflyer 59. I am going to see them on Tuesday! Yipee!

So far my reccomendations for TOP RECORDS OF 2001 are : Super Furry Animals - Rings Around the World, Bis - Return To Central, Stereolab - Sound-Dust, and Vespertine by our luverly swan girl. I just can't get over how good the Stereolab album is... please, please, please, please, please, please listen to the song "Spacemoth".

Sunday, September 30, 2001

My heart is pal-pal-pal-palpitating. I'm nervous/scared/totally fucking wrecked. Putting "love notes" in lockers isn't that brilliant of an idea. I think it's funny+cute, others might think it's scary. Lighten up, people. I'm as harmless as a fly... a nerdy fly.

Upon other things, I went to the record store Saturday. It was decent. I picked up lots of stuff so that's cool. A little bit of Stereolab, a little bit of the Apples In Stereo, some poppy Toploader, Swede kitsch-popsters Komeda, and even some more! Ah, wahoo! The guy at Rasputin's commented, "Oh, we've got an indie fan...," but of course! Can't go wrong, I do say.

I don't want October to come. I'm feeling sombre.