Friday, October 12, 2001

Moreau sucks at football. Not just semi-suckiness either, but hyper suckage oozes from them. We lost to SL 63 to 0. How the hell can you lose 63 to 0?! Man, Moreau surprises and shocks me everyday. Well, at least band+color guard were good. The band is way neat, and color guard are just my personal favourites. I feel bad for them when they drop their gun/flags, though. There was this guy throwing bread and ice at people... he threw some at me and my friends. My friend said something along the lines of "Oh, no... I don't think so," and I think he thought that we were upset. Well, I wasn't... I thought it was funny. Then again, I'm weird. Oh yeah, there was this girl that I could have SWORN was a freshman... so I was signaling for her to come and join my group as she was sitting by herself. She looked quite bitchy-like towards us and dismissed our invitation. Hmph. Turns out she wasn't a freshman, and I don't even think she attends Moreau. Too bad. Waving is cool.

Homecoming News : I've got a date. Super.

Hmm...erm... what else to write... uhh... Oh, good luck to XC on their invitational in Monterey. I hope our team comes out victorious, or something vaguely similar to that sentiment. And I hope I have courage on Thursday... it will be a day that will make or break me. Well, not exactly, but I think it'll be very important. Ta.

<3 to all

Monday, October 08, 2001

Wowzers. My friend went to the Bis concert in Boston. He said it was superduperhyper fab. Well, not really, but I'm sure it was! Anyways, here's a setlist :

01:// What You're Afraid Of
02:// Chicago
03:// The End Starts Today
04:// Clockwork Punk
05:// Conspiracy A Go-Go
06:// Beats At The Office
07:// Two Million
08:// Silver Spoon
09:// Punk Rock Points
10:// Skinny Tie Sensurround
11:// Monstarr
12:// Robotic
13:// A Portrait From Space

01:// Eurodisco
02:// Kandy Pop

Jesus! That's a pretty good show... despite the total lack of Social Dancing tracks (Ok, so they did play Eurodisco). I know that they change their setlist pretty regularly, so by the time they gig S.F. hopefully they will have dropped Skinny Tie and Conspiracy ;-) Maybe they'll add one of their earlier hi-energy ones like "Automatic Freestyle" or "Diska"... or possibly maybe they'll play something brilliant like "Kiss and Tell", "Seventeen Hours", "Why Are We Waiting?", or "Dead Wrestlers". Damn, I have wayyyy too many requests. I'd die if they played "Teen-C Power!"...

24 October. Be there or be square.

(PS- If you're super cool you'll go to the Stereolab gigs both days before the 24th)

Sunday, October 07, 2001

That's Arlie looking a bit demented. He's so beautiful on stage... singing his little heart out... i can become lulled into a dream just thinking about it. He has a very warm presence about him, charisma seeping out of his every pore as he adorns the stage. The whole band gives off a very loving aura. Hmm. This is a band that just have touched me in a painfully glorious way. Pretentiousness isn't avoided with them, but they have a tongue-in-cheek charm that outweighs it by.... unfathomable kilos. Or something of that nature.

[in the name of all you do good, i do evil just to prove i could] just say s o m e t h i n g to fracture the silence