Thursday, October 18, 2001

must. talk. to. homecoming. date.

...and i'm magically brought back to life (to the dismay of you, I am sure). Uggggh, I've a headache. Must be parting now.

Plic ploc plac.

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Ok, so Thursday actually turned out to be today. Ahhhhh! It was cool, though. Well... "cool" isn't a good word, more of... um... something I'd be definitely interested in continuing.

Remember her? Well, I think I'm getting over it. Pushaaaaw. Everyone likes her. There is no fun in that. I like a lot more people now, though. Geez, we have some major hotties at my school that I'm just realising for the first time. Hoorah!

Andy Dick is one funny bastard.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

It's 10:43pm and all I feel is fear and anxiety. Holy Jeebus. It's too crazy to be true. Isn't it? Oh, I'll die of... shockingness if this actually pulls through. No way, it would be too freaky. Yowza.

Oh, and I hate Madonna. Well, hate is a strong word. But, I really dislike her.
Testing was today... how boring. I made an ass out of myself multiple times after school. Joy. To all of you who took the test and filled out the strongly like, indifferent, or strongly dislike crap... why would anyone strongly like to run a lawn mower?!. Such a stupid question that was.

I found out that my date is telling people that I'm going with him to Homecoming. That's a good thing, I guess...

Some people can be mean. I am not obsessed!. As Stephanie Tanner from Full House would say... how rude.

Sunday, October 14, 2001

I hang mirrors on my wall to make my world seem big.

I've a headache. I've eaten too much. I've too much thoughts floating about in me head. Good times. I want to dance. Dancing makes me always feel better. It's pure fun. I'm not talking about that nasty freak-dancing, either... just good, old fashioned, crazy, fun, solo dancing. That's why I can't wait for the Bis gig, I'll be doing some wicked dancing. I think it will be the funnest gig that I've ever attended. I am setting such high standards for it... but... they should live up to them. I've loved them for years now, and have been waiting to see them ever since September of '99 when I missed going to their gig cos I found out a day late. So sad.

i had to sing this for me :// watch myself pilloried :// ugly, scruffy, no one :// but then I guess that you knew :// nasty, bitter, enraged :// a nice polite English way :// full circle, desensitised :// i'm right back where I began

hated, broken

the dead flowers reject :// sad glucoma in mist :// injustice wells up in me :// we are shit and refuse

hated, broken

it's what it's like to be hated :// i am afflicted and ill :// it's what it's like to be hated :// i wrote this song for myself

we are shit and refuse to wallow in rejection :// my will is shattered again :// my leeches, parasite friends :// no man's an island they said :// i breathe my solitary air :// explain myself to noone :// beautiful sad solitude

hated, broken

learn to ignore all the slurs :// you can get used to all things

hated, broken

piss in the face of the sick :// unjust vendetta's uncool :// unjust, unwanted, reject :// uninformed, understood :// a silence, broken my will :// afflicted, shattered and sick :// popularity stakes :// overrated you said :// isolation can feel like a Utopian state :// to be this liked is to be suffocated you said :// beauty, sadness, enraged of solitude can be bare :// disturbed, unwanted at birth :// the fucking joke that we are :// i've never had any friends :// could be a sweet suicide :// a fucking homo in flesh :// to weak to protest

That song sums me up when I'm feeling down... when you're not around... get up, get up, get up. lolol. But seriously, that is brilliantly written. I wuv it. But we need something upbeat here...erm...

let's take our dreams and make them whole. oh, this is hardcore!