Thursday, November 15, 2001

It's funny how emo just blew up at Moreau. Last year, if I were to ask if anyone liked emo, they'd look at me with a puzzled face. Now, it's emo this, emo that, emo emo emo. It's kind of sickening. I see people with these thick framed glasses... just trying to perfect their punk/emo look... yuck. Oh, well. To each their own.

I'm listening to Rainer Maria, quite possibly the emo-est band ever. Haha, not really, but whatever. I love them, I can't help it if they're emo. They're all really cool peoples... muy nice-o. Wee.

Par-tay tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. Maybe i'll get a smooch. Suuuuper! ;-)

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

I like people that have no mouths. Err- let me rephrase that. I like people who are super cool, nice, goofy, and use pretty glitter pens. Aww <3

Sunday, November 11, 2001

I'm stoked. You can basically disregard the last post. If what I heard is true, then my new mega crush mega likes me back. She must like me somwhat, because after the dance we had her arm around me and such... and... well, come on. And a mystery guy friend told me... shh, it's a secret... but she "hella" likes me. Well, that's what some guy told him. And it would make sense, too. Cos during the last dance, I was totally in my own world with my date... slow dancing... so serene... and BAM!, out of nowhere, some couple crashes into us. It's the guy and my crush. They broke us up. And besides, when I asked her why she didn't dance with me she told me that she looked but couldn't find me. Hahaha, she must like me. That makes me happy. Happy, happy, happy, happy...